WATCH: The Pro’s Polishing Their Secret Signature Picks For Worlds 2016

“Hi, my name’s Doublelift, and Lucian is my pocket pick” – it’s music to any fan’s ears – the best players, playing their best champions, it’s what everybody wants to see out on the rift for the 2016 World Championship. The state of the game has shifted since the end of the regular season, providing the opportunity for LCS stars to blow-off the cobwebs from their signature picks.

With frequent player steams and statistics teeming out of every crevice of Korea’s ranked queue, it’s difficult for League of Legends’ pros to keep a secret. Which champs are the NA LCS jungler’s preferrences, which poke mid laner is making a comeback… how many rampages can we expect from C9 Impact on his next power pick?


Check out the gallery below to see the pros in action:

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