Jordan Spieth received golf advice from former president George W. Bush

Most of the time when President George W. Bush talked, you listened. Not necessarily because he commanded attention, but for the delivery in which he said it.

There were times where he was humorous (without trying) and there were times where he was epic…like the post 9/11 attacks speech he gave to assure Americans they were safe.

But back to the more lighthearted stuff, Bush always seemed to have his own way with words. Remember the time he gave a new twist to the fool-me-once-shame-on-you saying?

He’s had a lot of those classic moments, all in good fun.

Prior to the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, Bush gave a fellow Texan Jordan Spieth a hand-written note with some words of encouragement.

This isn’t the first time the former President has done this for Spieth, the two have played a few rounds of golf together. You could say they’re “bros” at this point.

Bush was probably referring to the 13th hole adventure at this year’s Open Championship. The hole where he sprayed his tee shot out to the right where it hit a fan, forcing a 20-minute wait to see where he could drop his ball according to the rules officials.

As you all know by now that was the hole that Spieth ignited his personal comeback and edged out Matt Kuchar for the Claret Jug.

No one is saying that Bush is a scratch golfer, but no one is saying he’s a scrub either. During his time in the White House Bush played his fair share of golf and maintained a handicap just above 10. In his post-presidency that handicap has improved slightly as golf for the past President is probably more accessible and less frowned upon.

Spieth can go on and win as many major championships as he would like. In fact, he could break Jack Nicklaus’ record too but he will never be in a more epic golf video than Bush after 9/11.

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