Charlie Hoffman pulls a Shooter McGavin on his caddie

Sometimes you just get fed up with people telling you what to do and how you should do it. Caddies are like parents/coaches/therapists on the course, doing their best to keep you at peace while playing the mentally-draining game of golf.

Well Charlie Hoffman had enough of his caddie, Brett Waldman, telling him what club to go with at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, especially when he wanted to play for the win. On Sunday, Hoffman was in contention but not leading, a position he has found himself in plenty of times this season.

He has four Top-5 finishes so far, but that wasn’t good enough for Hoffman. Waldman suggested Hoffman to lay up on the daunting 667-yard par five with three holes to play on the final day, but Hoffman wasn’t having it.

Hoffman was like a pitcher shaking off his catcher. He scoffed at the idea of laying up and said:

“I’m three back with three to play, I mean, I’m trying to win a golf tournament. I’m tired of finishing in second.”

He then delivered with this epic shot from 282 yards out.

This may remind you of couple different movie scenes. The first that comes to mind is when Shooter McGavin’s caddie suggests a five iron on a pitch shot into the green.

I’m not sure what the caddie was thinking – maybe a bump and run – but a five around the green is really unheard of.

Regardless Shooter chipped in when he called for the wedge, leaving his caddie without a job for the rest of the day.

Another great scene this may remind you of is the end of Tin Cup where Roy McAvoy tells his caddie to keep feeding him ball after ball after ball in the final round of the U.S. Open. McAvoy could have won the tournament but his pride outweighed his need to win. Tragic yet relatable.

Hoffman’s heroics unfortunately didn’t pay off when his lackluster chip and putt led him to a par on the hole. And instead of a Top-5 finish, he would end up in sixth for the tournament.

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