WATCH: Vikings kicker forgets what his job is on Sunday

Anyone who watched the the first round playoff matchup last year between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks should be very familiar with the work of Blair Walsh. Well, the Vikings’ kicker was up to his old tricks once again on Sunday during Minnesota’s overtime loss to the Detroit Lions.

After the Vikings drove 78 yards down the field in the third quarter to score a touchdown and cut the Lions’ lead to 10-9, all Minnesota needed was their kicker to come in and tie the game up by making a simple extra point. Seems easy enough, unless your name is Blair Walsh.

The missed extra point was already Walsh’s third this season. But before Sunday, the Vikings’ kicker had connected on his last nine extra point attempts.

This botched kick was not the only time against Detroit in which Walsh let down Minnesota’s fans like he was a drunk uncle showing up to the family Christmas party with no pants on again for the second straight year.

With the Vikings still down a point to the Lions in the early portion of the fourth quarter on Sunday, Minnesota’s kicker lined up to attempt a 46-yard field goal that would give the team a two point lead. Walsh’s kick did not even make it past the line of scrimmage.

Their kicker’s blunders were just part of the reason the Vikings suffered their third straight defeat of the year on Sunday. But the local media still had a job to do and they were not going to let Walsh leave the building without explaining himself.

Unfortunately for the Minnesota kicker, he forgot that he can really just be asked questions about his kicks because, well, that is his only job.

Walsh obviously was not happy with his performance on Sunday and he had no desire to talk about it. But it is pretty safe to assume that no one in that locker room wanted to talk to the media after losing yet another game.

As much as some players and coaches in the NFL hate to talk to reporters after their games, especially after a loss, it is part of their jobs.

If a Vikings player had dropped a game-winning touchdown in the end zone against Detroit, the media is obviously going to want answers from him. It is no different with a kicker who misses critical attempts during a game.

This likely will not be the end of the Blair Walsh saga for Minnesota in 2016. So perhaps the Vikings’ kicker should polish up on his postgame reaction skills before then.

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