D-Wade fires shots at NBA after linking up with Jimmy Butler for charity event

Dwayne Wade ain’t no rookie. Literally. He’s been in the league since 2003 and seen it all. The 3x NBA Champion and 12x NBA All-Star recently linked up with former Bulls teammate Jimmy Butler – one of the best players in the league who’s fresh off a controversial trade to the Timberwolves – for a charity event and had some hot takes about the NBA that he broadcast to his 9.5 million Instagram followers.

It’s been a crazy offseason, with franchise players jumping ship, others signing huge, record-breaking extensions and a lot of other noise going on in the background. D-Wade’s former partner in crime LeBron James is (allegedly) embroiled in a blood feud with his number one number two, Kyrie Irving, that threatens to send shockwaves through the league.

Wade’s got nothing left to prove in the NBA. He’s got rings, awards, and respect. So when one of the league’s most OG players subtweets (via the Gram) the entire league, something’s not right. D-Wade, by all accounts, is not only one of the most prolific players of a generation, but also a good dude. He went to court, a lot, so he could get sole custody of his two sons from his ex-wife. He adopted his nephew and raised him as his own son.

He is a rich, successful, celebrity athlete; obviously he’s gonna have a little fun.

It was that kinda night!!! @jimmybutler @carmeloanthony #winelovers

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But these are more telling of the real Dwayne Wade:

We live in a world where the media seems unconcerned with truth. Journalism is dead. The news exists to sell ads, not inform. It’s refreshing that even in such a toxic climate, there are those who remember “the before time” – and D-Wade is one of those people. Since 2003, he’s kept it 100. His on-court powers aren’t what they once were, but off the court, he hasn’t lost a step.


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