Ryo Ishikawa – benefits of the Yonex NanoV Nextage Golf Club


Japanese Golf player Ryo Ishikawa talks about the features and benefits of the new Yonex NanoV Nextage Golf Club.

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This driver has a face that is closer to a square shape rather than the traditional triangular shape. The square face allows for higher C.O.R. performance and increases initial ball speed on even the off-centre hits, for maximum distance off the tee.
Even professionals find it difficult to continually hit the ball out of the centre of the club, but with this driver you will find it performs even if you miss-hit your drive, making it the ideal choice for the amateur golfer.
Even if you feel that you have not hit the centre of the club, the performance will not change. It is a dream club for not only amateurs but also professionals.

It is very powerful but provides vital stability at the tip. This provides the ultimate energy transfer and “snap back” power for greater speed at
impact. It means an increased clubhead speed without an increase in your swing speed providing greater distances with no extra effort.

Yonex has utilised the carbon graphite crown in earlier driver models. As with these previous models the carbon graphite crown reduces the crown
weight and lowers the centre of gravity producing a higher, distance enhancing trajectory.
In summary, even if you don’t hit the centre of the face, the shaft increases the head speed and produces a higher distance enhancing ball trajectory. These 3 elements work in unison to create the perfect spin, more stable feel at impact and longer carry.
Please try it for yourself.