TaylorMade ATV Wedges


Get the inside scoop on what makes the TaylorMade ATV wedges so popular amongst both tour pros and amateurs. 

New!! ATV Wedge- The Most Versatile Wedge in Golf. Wedges have traditionally been designed to specialize in only a couple types of shots, forcing a compromise in others. The new (All-Terrain Versatility) ATV Wedge has a radically advanced sole design to handle a multitude of shots and ideally interact with turf, rough and sand.

– New ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) Sole lets you play all critical shots with one wedge: chip, pitch, flop, explosion from sand, out of the rough, off a tight lie

– Bounce angle changes depending on how the head and face are positioned

– New all-milled groove design and micro-texture across the face generates more spin within USGA rules

– New Lamkin wedge grip extends farther down the shaft for improved traction when choking down

– New Tour-Inspired shapes with a beautiful non-plated Tour Satin finish