Comics Open: The Funeral


Brand new web series: Milt (comedian Paul Rodriguez) drops one in on a funeral. His intrusion causes an interesting reaction from the grieving widow.

Veteran comedy producer Ken Dalton and director Paul Madden have created this brand new web series called”COMICS OPEN”, with a cast of comics led by Paul Rodriguez.

Paul Madden, a graduate of the prestigious National Film and Television School of England, has directed a number of low-budget films. “It’s much harder to get a film made independently and with limited resources. You don’t have the luxury of time. I love the idea of having interns and producers who have their own money in the film, alongside ours – we all are super-motivated to get it done, and done well.”

The film is about a group of stand-up comics who must save ‘the Old Comedians Retirement Home’ from being closed by a corrupt mayor and an evil banker. They decide to throw a fund-raising golf tournament at a fancy country club. The comic’s just canʼt help themselves as they proceed to defraud every major business in town – getting free cars for themselves, free food and booze, massage parlor credits, clothing etc etc.- all in the name of charity. As they compete against one another for more booty – their lies get bigger. Before long, everybody thinks that just about every major celebrity and sports figure is coming to the tournament and charity concert. And once it starts, it can’t be stopped. In the end, celebrities do turn up, and with the unexpected help of the police chief, all the money goes into saving the old comics retirement home.

Comedians Paul Rodriguez and Judge Reinhold appeared in a short promo for the film that was shot by PGA Tour Entertainment. PGA Champions Tour player P.H. Horgan is also part of the production team and he will be wrangling his fellow pros to come and play in the filmed tournament.