Profile: Luke Donald


Meet former world number 1 Luke Donald and find out more about his views on the game.

“Since its founding in 1906, Mizuno have taken special pride and pleasure in being able to take part in the exciting world of sports and in making the entire globe the stage for our activities. Each and every one of us is guided by the ideal of true sportsmanship. Our corporate philosophy : “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports” is clearly reflected in our strong support of numerous worldwide sports events and in our dedication to advancing sports through cutting edge research and technology.

Our product strategy is to develop products with strong “uniquely Mizuno” features and to market specific sporting goods in the “competitive” , “health” and “environment” fields. Our starting point is the “competitive” field and here,Mizuno will further specialize in event-specific products in order to continue to meet the needs of athletes.

Due to a growing awareness of personal health arising from the graying population, we will also be marketing products and events in the “health” sports field. And in the “environment” fields, since launching the environmental initiative CREW21 in 1991, we have made steady progress towards greater environmental friendliness throughout all of our activities.

Today, the high quality products that only Mizuno can produce,are relied upon by athletes throughout the world. We produce superior quality equipment for serious performance,through the artful combination of technology and craftsmanship.”