Mizuno JPX825 Irons


Watch the R&D film of the new Mizuno JPX825 irons and find out how they could improve your game.The JPX825’s are serious looking irons packing both extreme ball speeds and high levels of forgiveness.

In line with Mizuno’s Balanced Performance concept, the JPX825’s deliver exceptional ball speed and distance, while at the same time producing a more solid feel than their predecessors. All packed within a playing profile that never becomes too bulky or overly offset.

In the longer irons (4 to 7) a pocket cavity design, helps to achieve an incredible level of forgiveness, within a manageable head size. A thin, responsive HOT METAL face also delivers incredible ball speeds and high, soft landing flights.

Uniquely within a high forgiveness design, the JPX825 also addresses the need for playable, versatile short irons. The 8-iron through pitching wedge utilize a more compact, solid design to balance the need for distance with a greater level of precision.

The JPX825’s greatest trick is to produce all this without a loss of feel. A re-enforced cavity frame discovered through Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T) project makes sure that the JPX825’s retain enough feedback to keep the ball striker informed – without being punished from off centre strikes.

The JPX825 is available for fitting at Mizuno’s network of Swing DNA stockists.

“Although we wanted to push distance and forgiveness as far as we could go, the toughest challenge was to build real feel into the JPX825’s – so they could be explosive without sounding broken. Feel is a massively overlooked aspect in high forgiveness golf equipment – without feel or feedback you can’t learn anything about your ball striking. Feel is the best teaching aid there is and everybody has it at their disposal. “ Tetsu Kanayama – R&D