TaylorMade Golf – This Little Thing Commercial


TaylorMade Golf’s “This Little Thing Commercial” shows how the RocketBladez irons have given players extra yards without sacrificing playability. Inspired by the huge distance-enhancing success of RocketBallz woods, TaylorMade designers found a way to incorporate the famous ‘Speed Pocket’ slot into an iron and the TaylorMade RocketBladez irons were born.

Dr. Benoit Vincent the Chief Technical Officer said “The Speed Pocket in our new RocketBladez irons is an once-in-a-lifetime innovation that makes every iron without it inferior by design. The Speed Pocket changes iron performance dramatically in terms of distance, trajectory and control. The way it promotes additional ball speed on miss-hits low on the face is unprecedented.”

  • TaylorMade have created the first distance iron that will revolutionise the game of tour players and amateurs alike. The inclusion of the distance-enhancing ‘Speed Pocket’ slot will change how you play your irons and your performance on the course forever!
  • The RocketBladez irons have been inspired by the tremendously popular RocketBallz fairway woods for faster club head speed and incredible distance. The highly skilled engineers at TaylorMade found the perfect way to incorporate the Speed Pocket into their latest irons to carry on this trend.
  • RocketBladez are the first irons to incorporate the Speed Pocket slot in the 4-7 irons to give the club face more flexibility, creating more speed for more distance. The advanced design features also allows the ultra-thin face to rebound at impact for a higher and stronger ball flight, with increased accuracy and consistency.
  • The highly sophisticated thin face design, along with their Inverted Cone Technology, has allowed TaylorMade to push the COR to the limit for more speed and distance. You can gain 11+ yards on average compared to the leading competitors irons.
  • Innovation is key in the RocketBladez irons and the new clubface design reduces directional dispersion to promote increased accuracy.
  • The Speed Pocket slot is filled with a specially formulated Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) polymer which has been developed by 3M not only to keep out debris but also quieting vibrations for a better feel without compromising the flex of the club face.
  • An incredible 17.5 grams of weight has been strategically distributed lower and more in the centre of the club head to give you the perfect ball flight. The higher launch angle and higher peak trajectory allows you to land the ball softer and with a steeper angle so you can attack the pin with more confidence.
  • The All-Terrain Versatility (ATV) sole on the sand wedge is a radically advanced design to handle numerous shots and interact perfectly with the turf, rough and even sand. This allows you to play a variety of shots types with one wedge. The wedge can be used for chip, pitch, flop, sand, out of the rough and from a tight lie.
  • The bounce angle of the club changes depending on how the club head, face and hands are positioned at address. Due to this the sole of the club has been engineered to offer the correct bounce for the specific type of shot being played.
  • The ‘Bending groove’ in the hosel makes customising your irons to your own exact measurements even easier than before with the adjustments allowed to be made +/- 4°
  • Each iron comes fitted with a TaylorMade RocketFuel 85 steel shaft which is heavier to give you better rhythm and control throughout your swing. The irons also come fitted with a 47.5 gram RBladez Grip for the ultimate feel and performance in all weather conditions.