TaylorMade Golf Introduces RBZ Stage 2


TaylorMade Golf introduces RBZ Stage 2 Fairway Woods and Rescues. Last year, we gave you 17 yards. This year, we’re giving you 10 more. 17 + 10. That’s RocketBallzier.The original RocketBallz Tour fairways gave you 17 extra yards – the new RocketBallz Stage 2 Tour Fairway woods give you another 10 – that’s 27 extra yards in total! This special ‘Tour’ version also features TaylorMade’s famous adjustable hosel for even more playability and loft adjustments.

“Our team continues to push the innovation envelope in the fairway wood and hybrid categories…RocketBallz represented a distance breakthrough, but we knew we could make improvements. The improved Speed Pocket, re-configured CG location and shallower profile make the Stage 2 RBZ fairways the best-performing metalwoods we have ever developed.” – Todd Beach, Vice President of TaylorMade Metalwoods R&D