KBS Shafts – Player Driven, Tour Proven


KBS Shafts – Player Driven, Tour Proven – An Introductory Video.

About KBS

Player Driven. Tour Proven.

From renowned shaft designer Kim Braly, the KBS TOUR Series incorporates the most advanced steel shaft technology, forged from tour player feedback, for achieving better performance and control of your golf game. Introduced in early 2008, KBS sets the new standard in steel shafts evidenced by our quick ascension within the premiere golf shaft industry. Since 2008, KBS shafts have been utilized in multiple top iron programs, accepted in every manufacturer’s custom department, and adopted by over 70 top tour professionals including many of the best players on the planet.

At KBS we’re focused on innovating steel shaft technology that maximizes the performance of your golf clubs while making every shot more enjoyable. To learn more, check out our online community featuring remarks from your peers why they choose KBS.