Mitchell Spearman At The Open: Major Preparation


Top 100 coach Mitchell Spearman was at the Open Championship where he talked about how players prepare for a major. 

In 1988 Spearman moved to the United States to join David Leadbetter at Lake Nona. For 10 years he served as Leadbetter’s chief lieutenant and his title was Worldwide Director of Instruction. During this time he spent 10-12 hours a day working to improve the game of many tour professionals such as Faldo, Watson and Price, etc.  It was during this time that Spearman developed his famous “eye” and invaluable communication skills.

When I watch a golfer hit a shot I observe the following: ball flight, sound, divot, club lines, arm motion, body motion, posture, grip; This is all done in a split second. When I go about working to improve the player, I do it in pretty much the reverse order. I would start with the set-up, (grip, posture, alignment) then focus on the pivot (body motion, coil, torque etc). This gives me a platform to build the golfer’s plane and arm movement and, hey presto, better contact and better shots.  -Mitchell Spearman

Mitchell and his wife Joanna live at Isleworth Country Club in Windermere, Florida. Mitchell travels extensively throughout the golf season and spends most of the winter at home in Florida. To book a lesson with Mitchell, visit