Wilson DX2 Ball Drop Test


If seeing it means believing it, check out the Wilson DX2 drop test and find out why the ball goes so far. 

The re-designed Wilson DX2 Soft golf ball maintains it’s distance and feel advantage and comes with Traction Control Technology for better overall performance.

– The redesigned Wilson Dx2 Soft Ball maintains its distance and feel advantage, but now has added Traction Control Technology for even better overall performance.

– Traction Control Technology generates the highest spin possible with your mid-to-short irons for the great feel and control into the green.

– The 2 piece soft-ionomer construction is still extremely long of the tee, this combined with the ultra soft feel and you have a superb all-round ball.

– Large, flat-bottomed, shallow dimples deliver a stable and more penetrating ball flight.

– The responsive cover and Nano core provide high spin around the green and pin-point accuracy.