A Closer Look At Swingbyte


Mitchell Spearman meets Swingbye co-founder Brian Payne and discusses how the product is one of golf’s most revolutionary new tools. 

Swingbyte offers golfers many great benefits. It:

  • Fits any club, driver through putter.
  • Pairs to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Weighs less than one ounce
  • Recharges via USB port

It records your swings via bluetooth. You can analyse your golf swings in real time. Swingbyte displays:

  • A full 360 degree view of your swing
  • Club head speed and acceleration
  • Your club’s true plane from address to impact
  • Club face angle relative to swing path
  • Static and dynamic loft and lie at address and impact
  • Angle of attack and club path
  • Swing Tempo