Frogger Golf – Innovative Golf Accessories


Frogger Golf is one of golf’s fastest growing new companies. Find out more in this interview with founder Jeremiah Bohannon. Frogger Golf is quite simply a bunch of certified golf addicts who are out to better your game (and theirs) with seriously improved golf products. From an infinitely better club brush that’ll put the bite back in your irons- to the flat-out best golf towel ever designed.

With just our first two products, FROGGER has won the PGA Merchandise Show’s Best New Product Award two years running. And we’re not stopping there. Our goal is to build a better mousetrap every time out The way we look at it, if you can’t improve on something, why make it at all?

What’s with the name? Once you realize our founder’s name is Jeremiah, you can imagine how many times in his life he’s heard he “was a bullfrog”. This might explain why Jeremiah Bohannon, in his youth, was obsessed with a certain video game that involved trying to get his frogs across a highway before they became green splats on the Road of Life.