2014 Golfer Holiday Wish List: What To Ask Santa

Have you been naughty or nice this year? If it’s the latter, here’s our short list of products we definitely hope to find underneath our Christmas tree.

1. TaylorMade RSi Irons

“TaylorMade’s new RSi irons take distance one step further with slots on the face in the heel and toe, in addition to the cuts on the sole and cavity. This combo provides more uniform flex, ball speed and consistency across the clubface, regardless of whether you miss it high, low, or toward the heel or toe.

The RSi series consists of two models for the vast majority of players, as well as a blade-like TP version aimed at Tour players and top amateurs. Both the RSi 1 and RSi 2 feature face slots in the 3-8 irons, “speed pockets” with “thru slots” in the 3-7 irons, and the thin, inverted cone throughout the set.” – Golf.com

2. Nike Vapor Pro Driver

“The new Vapor Flex driver features a weight cylinder housed flush with the sole that can be flipped so the heavier end is toward the face or toward the back of the driver. The weighting change lets a golfer alter launch angle and spin rate independent of the driver’s other loft and face angle settings.” – Golf Digest

3. TaylorMade R15 Driver

“The R15 driver’s standout features are unquestionably the new Front Track system that brings the revolutionary Speed Pocket to the ‘R’ franchise for the first ever time, as well as two new sliding weights to fine-tune and dial in ball flight.

The new double sliding weights (12.5g each; 25g total), as opposed to the one 20g sliding weight used on the SLDR drivers of the past 12 months, present the golfer with every possible ball flight imaginable at the touch of a wrench. Simply place both weights in the heel for a draw, toe for a fade, centre for maximum distance or split for maximum stability.” – GolfMagic.com

4. Jack and Jill Leather Scorecard Holder

This is one of the most elegant, coolest accessories on the golf market. The Jack and Jill Leather Scorecard Holder is a perfect gift for your father, husband or kids. It holds a range of different scorecards and looks sleek and sophisticated.

5. Mizuno JPX850 Irons

“Mizuno’s new JPX 850 ($799) and JPX 850 Forged ($1,000) irons are both designed to provide a variety of performance benefits including big-time distance.

The JPX 850, which follows in the footsteps of the previous JPX 825 and JPX EZ, is built with an extremely strong Hot Metal face insert with multiple thicknesses to provide what Mizuno reps say is the highest COR of any iron made today. A new pocket design that reaches deep into the sole and high into the upper area of the clubhead incrementally expands the COR area vertically on the clubface to provide faster ball speeds across the entire face.” – Golf.com

6. Cobra Fly-Z XL Irons