Jason Day Talks About The Lebron Incident: “It happened so quick. I’m going to do that?”

  • Jason Day was asked about the incident ahead of this week’s Hyundai Tournament of Champions.
  • Ellie Day was admitted to hospital but was discharged soon after.
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Jason and Ellie Day before the game.

Jason Day spoke out about the incident which left his wife needing medical treatment. The world number two, who hasn’t competed in nearly three months, was criticised by some quarters for not doing enough to save his wife. We put the question to you, and 78% agreed there was nothing Jason could have done.

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“It happened so quick. I’m going to do that?” Day said from Hawaii, where he is competing in the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

“I’m not going to stop a 260-pound guy that’s 6-8 running full speed. Ellie [Day] took it like a champ, though. Once I saw her, she was on the ground, she was kind of freaking out a little bit about her neck, and once they started doing the test on her — she’s moving her legs, hands, feet, arms — I knew everything was going to be OK. She had post-concussion symptoms.”

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Ellie compared the collision to a car accident, fortunately she made a full recovery.