How To: Throw An Awesome Golf Themed Par-Tee

Recently that golfer babe, who came into the limelight as many college golfers did, turned 21. She had a golf themed bar crawl to celebrate, and it got me thinking about what the ultimate golf party would entail! I wanted to make it realistic too, so most of these pictures are from Pinterest, so if you’re actually thinking of throwing one, there are plenty of doable ideas there!


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Let’s say this is a party you’re having at your house, during the summer, just to set the scene. This could also be done at a place you’ve rented that has an outdoor area, or even at a country club. Either way, everyone has to refer to your place as the “club house” for the entire “par-tee” to make things extra fun and theme-tastic.



Did you ever realize that balloons are round and can actually look like golf balls?! ME NEITHER. White and green balloons are great for decorating throughout the par-tee. Your tables have to be decked out too, so center pieces and table clothes are a must have. Center pieces can be really easy by just buying a few glasses, all different shapes, and adding some golf balls, tees, and green confetti. Scatter these around the house along with the balloons, and you’ve got yourself some easy-peasy decorations!




All of the food should somehow be golf related, whether that’s color, actual shape of the food, or something that a clubhouse would serve. Celery sticks, mini burgers, hotdogs, fries, cake pops that look like golf balls or clubs, cupcakes, and of course a cake. You can even put a little sign on the table with the food on it that says “The Turn”. Everything you’d want after 9 holes.




The refreshments. These are crucial for making this a great par-tee. You can serve virgin and alcoholic Arnold Palmers, have beer, green jello shots, and some green punch. As long as you stick with the green theme you’re golden. Decorate the containers you put the drinks in with cute little decals. Make sure the theme is continued throughout all aspects.




Everyone documents what they are doing, 24 hours a day. If people are going to be taking selfies at your par-tee, might as well give them an area and props to do so. Get a white sheet and hang it up on a wall of your house, in your living room, or possibly outside on your garage. If you have a tent area this would be a great location as well. Photo booths are so in right now, because who doesn’t love to wear fake mustaches and lips in pictures? It’s all about having fun. It’s pretty easy to print and cut out props and then attach them to skewers. If it’s outside you could set up a table where people can put their phones on auto timer to do it themselves or you can a selfie stick for everyone to use.



Now the party is getting interesting. At the table where the drinks are being served, you can set up  “how many tees are in the jar” contest, and then at the end of the party announce the winner who can get a sleeve of balls or a prize of your choosing. Everyone loves beer pong, and sure you could set that up and color the pong balls to look like golf balls, but why not play some beer golf, if there’s room of course. If you have a nice sized backyard, you can get some punch tubs, with two wedges and have people play beer golf. It’s pretty self explanatory, and would be really funny to watch.

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Par-tee Favors

As your epic par-tee is coming to a close, you want your guests to remember the fantastic time they had. Par-tee favors are exactly what you need! This can be a tee and golf ball with your monogramed letters on them, or a sleeve of balls, or special cake pops you made specifically for people to take home.


Your par-tee will be a total success if you have all of these features. You can modify any of these things to suit your needs and even make some indoor activities for a winter party. Perfect for when you and your friends are missing golf weather. Enjoy!