Davis Love III: Rickie Fowler’s High-Tops Won’t Be At The Ryder Cup

  • The Ryder Cup captain is playing as much golf as possible on the PGA TOUR.
  • The 52-year-old said there would be some concessions.

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What does Davis think of Rickie Fowler’s High-Tops? Rickie is just so cool. He can pull off about anything. I’m not sure we’ll make adjustments to Ryder Cup uniforms based on that look though,” said the skipper.

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How refreshing to hear some appreciation for a look that is moving golf in the right direction. Most of us would struggle to look ourselves in the mirror if we owned a pair of high-top golf shoes but their presence at the Hyundai tournament of Champions was a victory for progress.

Golf is like the drunk dude who passed out on your sofa (couch) with a half-smoked cone. Sometimes you’ve got to open the curtains and pass him a coffee because it’s time to move on bro.

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Even the second oldest winner in PGA TOUR history has some perspective, “we have the flat-bill hats Rickie and Dustin like, so we’re making some concessions. You know, Rickie has an incredible following because he wants to be a leader and do his own thing. If you know him, you know it’s all out of fun. He’s not doing it out of cockiness, it’s because it’s fun.

This planned clothing might mean America doesn’t lose the dressing contest for the 20th consecutive tournament. No offence but really!?…


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‘Hey Davis, i’m thinking lilac waistcoats this year’ – said no rational person ever.

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To be fair the ridiculous attire selection is a Ryder Cup illness. Who remembers 50 shades of terd?

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The American captain was clearly excited about the bags of talent he has to pick from. Even the older guys are hungry, “Phil [Mickelson] pulled me aside after winning the Presidents Cup in the fall and said, “I’m ready for the Ryder Cup.” It was great. Guys — even veteran guys — are making it a big goal of theirs. It’s a big goal for the entire year, starting in January, not just September.

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Love’s experience will count for a lot as America look to end their succession of poor showings. “It’s like the second term as president — much easier. You know the drill and the people involved. It’s been very smooth so far. Now that we’re in the 2016 year, we can focus on what really matters — the points list. It’s nice to feel like we’re ahead of the game this time around in the planning and can really just focus on the golf.” 

It must be reassuring for America when players like Justin Thomas say they would rather win the Ryder Cup over a major.

why america can't win

Love was quick to dismiss this blatant kiss-arsery, “As the captain of the team Justin’s trying to make, I loved it. But, I’d bet you with nine holes to go and a two-shot lead in the PGA Championship he might change his mind.”

hmmm, obviously winning any major is every golfer’s dream, but why pick the one people care least about? Why not say the Masters or British Open, because that’s what we think about on the practice green. Oh that’s right, Love won the PGA Championship.

I’m so excited about this Ryder Cup it hurts.