Tiger Woods Attempts To Help A Fan “Get Laid”

  • Kevin Na recalls a time where Tiger Woods signed a hat for a fan
  • The reason he did so was to get the fan laid


Tiger Woods is not a bad guy. Yeah sure he’s made some mistakes in his life but who hasn’t? Who are we to judge someone just because they’re on television. This goes for any celebrity but Tiger tends to get a lot of beef for something people do every day.

Anyways, this is just another way to show people that Woods is a total bro and not such a bad guy. Kevin Na recently said in a Sports Illustrated article that he recalls Woods using his special powers to help get a fan laid. Special powers aka his signature, that’s how powerful he is.


Na approached Tiger asking him to autograph a hat for his good friend Young Nam, who Woods knew from junior golf.

Nam is reportedly a regular in the Korean tabloids due to his romantic relations with a famous actress and a former Miss Korea (a lifestyle Woods would no doubt approve of).

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“Is Nam still getting a lot of ass?” Na recalls Woods asking.

Na said the hat was actually for Nam’s girlfriend, a response that was enough to convince the former world No. 1 to whip out a pen and sign away.

“If it will help him get laid, I’ll do it,” Woods said.

The pair reportedly broke out in fits of laughter relishing in a total bro moment. Right on.