Jason Day Has Clearly Been Hitting The Gym Hard During His Break

  • Jason Day has played in just one tournament since the beginning of October.
  • The Australian has been putting in some serious gym work.

Jason Day posted this picture of him enjoying a pre workout ‘swingoil’ with a physique that has made some obvious improvements.

If someone can tell me why a workout supplement has to be golf specific i’m all ears, shameless plugging aside, you can tell he’s been hitting it hard. No doubt this pic was taken post-workout given his slightly vain decision to do a side profile with a pump.

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The world number two has come a long way since his slightly chubby physique that was (a la Rory pre-2013) unathletic.

“His lower core and abs are now incredible and they were close to non-existent in comparison a year ago.” Said trainer Cornel Driessen.

Rory Got Jacked

“He is showing as much as 800 percent improvement in dynamic core flexion strength and significant improvements across the board.

Esssh once you wade through the mandatory personal trainer rhetoric and the ridiculous supplement plugging you see that Jason has transformed his attitude.

“He has grown up in a lot of ways, especially in the last couple of months,” Ellie Day said at the end of last year. “It just seems that a switch has been flipped. It’s like he’s said ‘ok, now I’m ready.’ He’s a different person right now, in a good way.” 

This video of him smashing blind tee shots will blow your mind.

The star, who has no social media presence, has been on a self-imposed hiatus for three months. Here he is relaxing and roasting a couple of old-school taylor mades, the type you inherit from an older brother. Nothing makes adopting the game hard like a tiny metal that’s two inches too big.

Driver change for @farmersinsopen thanks @taylormadegolf @adidasgolf !!

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