England Golf Thinks Of ‘Genius’ Idea To Survive Playing Golf In Winter

Over here in the UK, we are definitely feeling a cold snap at the moment, especially with half of the country covered in snow. Now England Golf have come up with a truly revolutionary idea to get people out on the golf course in Winter time. They are suggesting it would be a good idea to just pay nine holes… instead of 18. As it’s cold and that…

Wow, really… People are getting paid for this…



England Golf have figured this out and in a bold (some might say reckless) move, they are showcasing the same Golf Express initiative they ran last year, in which several clubs offered nine-hole green fees and golfers were able to complete a round in less than two hours. Just in case they couldn’t have figured that out for themselves.

“Winter is here and the days are short,” revealed an England Golf spokeswoman. “But thanks to the Golf Express initiative the golfing season is being extended.” Thanks guys don’t think we would have worked that one out ourselves.

Here at ClickOn, we have a better idea. If it’s raining, windy and cold as sh*t – don’t play golf. Wait for the weather to clear, chuck some warmer clothes on, fill up your hip-flask and play as many holes as you want!