Watch: Larry Fitzgerald Is Hot On The Football Field And The Golf Course

Larry Fitzgerald won the playoff game for the Arizona Cardinals this Saturday!

The game ended in a tie with an amazing Hail Mary from the Green Bay Packers, forcing the Cardinals and the Packers into overtime. What no one expected was for Fitzgerald to make a 75-yard catch-and-run to the 5 yard line and then run with the winning TD in no time at all. Watch the plays here:

The catch and run:


The winning TD:


Not only is Fitzgerald an amazing football player, but he is also an extreme golfer! He has attempted the 395-yard par 3 in South Africa! He may not have been happy with his score, but I’m impressed he even tried! You have to be pretty skilled, and have not have a fear of heights, to tackle this ridiculous course!

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If you’re wondering how you get down from the tee-box, a fan of Fitzgerald’s had the same question.

No biggie, just a short chopper ride to the green. Easy peasy.

Fitz also collaborated with Golf Digest, taking the 5-shot challenge for charity! So not only is he playing golf in his free time, he’s playing golf to give back as well. That’s what sportsmanship is all about, doesn’t matter what sport you’re playing.