Shorts Could Be Coming To Professional Golf Tours

  • The European Tour have announced that they will be allowing shorts during all practice rounds.
  • Jordan Spieth and Rory announced their support for the measures.
  • The move comes after a trial at the Eurasia Cup last week.
  • Many expect shorts to be introduced universally as golf finally wakes up to change.

Pro golfers play in some of the hottest corners of the earth, so when ‘outsiders’ learn that the Tours forbids from wearing shorts they’re kind of like, ‘why the f*** do they do that?’ ‘Tradition’ I would reply  before realising it’s the most pointless defence imaginable.

Why do people think that golf is some sort of pantheon for the smartly dressed when every sport has, at some point or other, demanded the same from their professionals. The only difference is that we allow ourselves to be convinced otherwise, that golf is the honourable anomaly where kids are so behaviourally maligned the only antidote is a good pair of chinos.

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It’s just so frustrating to come across a point of view that is completely constructed from bullshit. What the minority of people don’t realise is that every sport was like golf at one point, we just decided that we were ‘different’ more recently than you would expect.

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The guys who came after Bobby Jones’ generation didn’t wear jackets and ties and nobody seemed to care, why is the generation after so different?

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Amateurs want to see professionals playing in the same manner as the rest of us, playing by the same rules and with the same standards. This attitude was echoed by Masters and US Open champion Jordan Spieth who joked “I didn’t get the memo or I would not be wearing pants today.” “I think it’s a great idea and would like to see it on the PGA Tour as well. I just wish my hotel was closer or I would have gone back (to change).” 

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Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke persuaded the European Tour to allow shorts for practice rounds.

‘I think it’s a good idea, I just need a couple more weeks in the sun to get my legs out in public,” McIlroy told his pre-tournament press conference. “Sort of pale Irish skin doesn’t go so well,”

“I don’t think it should be too big a deal. You look at every other sport and people are allowed to expose their legs, so I don’t see why we’re not allowed to do that either.”

“I don’t think it takes anything away from the tradition of the game or etiquette,” The Northern Irishman added.

So there you have it! The players want it, we want it, but once again the powers that be will sluggishly respond to the movemenet. One thing is for sure, the change will be introduced it’s just a matter of how soon.