Jordan Spieth Tried To Eliminate His Competition By “Taking Out” Rory McIlroy

Before the competition even started, Jordan Spieth was trying to eliminate his rival, Rory McIlroy. 


But seriously, Rory McIlroy could have been injured in Abu Dhabi after Jordan Spieth crashed into the back of him while the pair were taking part in a Golf Board challenge.

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“I slowed down and bumped the back of his board but fortunately, his ankles stayed on board,’”said Spieth, clearly making a joke about Rory’s ankle injury last summer where he missed The Open at St. Andrews. I don’t think anyone will ever forget that.

4 and a half and 3 and a half weeks ago respectively… I’ve come a long way since.

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McIlroy responded humorously saying, “He almost took me out. Thankfully I didn’t fall off!”

Rory has said that he’s made no secret of the fact that he wants to get back to being world No 1 and that he wants to achieve it as quickly as possible. This creates a definite motive for Spieth, the current world No 1, to want to take out McIlroy! He was probably thinking of this moment in Karate Kid as he bumped into his rivals Golf Board..

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Although it doesn’t seem very Spieth-like to take out a competitor unfairly, and clearly this was all in good fun. The two will be playing side by side this week in Abu Dhabi at the HSBC Golf Championship, where hopefully their only collisions will be on the scoreboard. BRING IT ON!