Jack Nicklaus tells us exactly why Jordan Spieth is the planet’s best golfer

Sharon Wong

Source: Getty Images

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When one such as Jack Nicklaus speaks, the golf world sits up and takes notice. And when he nominates an upcoming great like Jordan Spieth as a superior golfer, you know Spieth stands that much taller in everyone else’s eyes. Jordan Spieth has already been storming the courses with his impeccable game. It certainly helps that he’s also a really likable guy, with a humble, unassuming outlook and a steady demeanor. Pretty impressive for a nice Texan boy who isn’t remarkably gifted at any particular sort of play. However, Nicklaus says it’s precisely because he’s a jack-of-all-trades with an unshakeable temperament that he’s riding high on this winning streak.

“I started watching him play and his action is so simple. He doesn’t do anything special; he doesn’t look like anything real special. He just looks very simple, very sound. He takes it back and through on one plane. He’s got good balance. He obviously thinks very well; he manages himself around the golf course way better than almost any kid his age.”

And there you have it guys, no pyrotechnics or fuss, just slow and steady wins the race. Disappointed? It’s the truth.