Everyone Is Starting To Notice The Guy That Calls Himself The ‘Golf Scientist’


Everyone, including Rory McIlory and Ernie Els, is intrigued by the guy who calls himself the “golf scientist”!

Bryson DeChambeau has been called the biggest nerd in golf, and for good reason. He goes against the norm in almost every way when it comes to his swing and his clubs, because he feels he’s found a formula for perfection.112921-Indiana-Jones-nothing-shocks-m-zToM

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We all know there is no such thing as perfection, as there are many factors that come into play, when it comes to the game of golf, but there are always those special few that have magnificent breakthroughs. This “scientist” has discovered a new method that clearly works for him and it’s all because of science.

Boop Science

DeChambeau creates his own unique clubs, each iron is 37 and half inches in length, whether it is a three-iron or a wedge. He uses the same upright swing, wrapping his palms around chunky grips rather than using his fingers to hold the club.

“They’re all the same length,” DeChambeau told BBC Sport. “Same lie angle, same shaft, just different loft. Same bounce configuration as well on each and every one of them.

“But it’s four degrees of loft difference between them and it works pretty well. It helps me keep my same posture, same set-up, same everything and allows me to perform quite nicely with my irons.”


Basically what he’s saying is that because all of his clubs are the same length, he doesn’t need to change his posture at all to accommodate for different lengths of clubs, like most golfers do.

_87911859_dechambeau-mcilroyswings_gettyNot only are people starting to gain interest in DeChambeau’s methods, they are also just plain curious. Old timer Ernie Els approached him, as well as McIlroy, trying to understand what this 22-year old amateur had in his golf bag, and maybe in his brain.

While there were many trendsetters in golf this past week in Abu Dhabi, with Rickie sporting his new high-tops, it was DeChambeau’s science swing and clubs that will withstand the sands of time..


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