FAIL: Chesson Hadley Attempted The Jason Dufner Recovery

  • Jason Dufner pulled of an incredible recovery on the 17th.
  • The American nailed the clutch shot to insure he made the playoff.

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Jason Dufner’s extraordinary recovery from the edge of the water kept him in contention going into the final hole. The shot¬†took some serious brass to pull off! Chesson Hadley demonstrated the risk with his earlier fail.

Chesson Hedley, whose Twitter profile introduces him in the questionable order; ‘Christian. Play on the PGA TOUR. Husband. Father’, tried the shot earlier in the week. It just showed how lucky Duf was to have an unimpeded lie which he could capitalise on.

Seeing Duf in the same place, Chess sent out a warning…

His uncertainty subsided as Duf nailed it…

Nothing look a bit of humility…

Golf can be a game of luck and Dufs had a tough year, so we’re glad someone answered a prayer in his hour of need. That hackneyed Gary Player Quote can definitely refer to golfers; “The more I practice the luckier I get.”

…or just be Irish?!