Jordan Spieth too “mentally and physically beat up” to beat Rickie Fowler at Abu Dhabi

Sharon Wong

Jordan Spieth

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Those who thought it would be no contest between Jordan Spieth and anyone else at Abu Dhabi were probably surprised to see the world’s no. 1 player’s performance flag far behind  Rickie Fowler’s. Literally. As the very first player of 2016 who incurred a slow play penalty, Spieth had some explaining to do. And according to him, it seems that it was his grueling travel schedule that did him in this time. Ever since he competed in South Korea in October, he’s gone from Shanghai to Australia to Hawaii before his stint in Abu Dhabi. So you can’t blame the guy for being “mentally and physically beat up”, in his own words.

“It won’t be something I’ll do in the future, to bounce back and forth from Asia or Australia as much as we did. As a team, we’re beat up mentally and physically. It shows in certain places. I felt we were off this week, I didn’t make anything, I didn’t get in a rhythm, and when I did have chances, they just wouldn’t go in. It was just a little off on the read or on the speed.”

However, it seems like his itinerant lifestyle is not going to come to an end any time soon. He’ll soon be headed to Singapore to make an appearance at the Singapore Tournament, his third in four weeks. Oh well, at least he’s happy about it.

“I’m excited to get home. I’m excited to rest, but next week will be fun. I’ve always wanted to visit here (Abu Dhabi) and I’ve always wanted to visit there (Singapore). I’ve heard from quite a few people that it’s arguably the best city in that part of the world, very clean, very fun to go to, good food, great golf course. It’s an event we’ve kind of had our mind on for a year or two and thought it might work out on a trip around the world, go this way and kind of puddle-jump over there I guess.”