The Duf Man Is Back And Here Are The Reasons Why

Jason Dufner just won the Careerbuilder Challenge in California, his first win since 2013.


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A lot has changed for the Duf man since 2013, many of which could have led him to this point in his life. Winning a tournament is a huge deal in the scheme of things, hopefully setting him up for a big year ahead.



No one can deny that they’ve noticed how Dufner looks 20 pounds thinner, in the waist and on his head. He got rid of the mop hair and shed some weight, carrying himself with just a bit more confidence. And confidence is key when it comes to golf, in your abilities, your game, and yourself.



Jason Dufner had it rough when his then wife Amanda filed for divorce and received 2.5 million dollars under the settlement terms. The reasoning was that their marriage fell apart but I think she was a gold digging sloot that wanted a payout. While that may not be fair, it took a while for Dufner to bounce back from that emotionally, hurting his golf game. It seems though, that he is finally getting back into shape, physically and mentally. He is an independent man that don’t need no woman!

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waggle in 2013
waggle in 2013
less waggle in 2016
less waggle in 2016

Although the waggle has worked in the past, it seems as though he has lightened up a bit when it comes to his practice swings. He was definitely known for taking an extremely long time waggling, before he actually hit the ball. Many even called him boring for this, because it’s hard to watch someone who takes forever to actually strike. The European Tour would have had a field day with him back then, with their newly founded pace of play rules. Players swings change over time and maybe now Dufner has got his tweaked to fit his needs.. which is winning.

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Jason Dufner released in 2015 that he was partnering with Vineyard Vines as a new sponsor. This fun and preppy brand, gave Dufner a new look that went along with his new figure. With new sponsors comes new gear and money, definitely something he needed more of since 2013. Again, confidence is key and it looks like the Duf man has it all.

No matter what Jason Dufner has done over the past 3 years, he is definitely improving, and that’s all that there is to it. Here’s hoping for more winning and more dufnering this year.