John Daly is furious with American Airlines for fatal mistake before the Qatar Masters

Sharon Wong


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John Daly’s kind of like the Honey Badger of golf. He wears everything from the loudest pants in golf to nasty claw marks from his ex-wife with pride and will not let something so paltry as a near death experience keep him off the course. So we are very glad we don’t happen to American Airlines right now. When he was flying with them on his way to compete in the Qatar Masters, the airline had apparently neglected to put his clubs on a connecting flight to his final destination. A John Daly who has to play with someone else’s clubs is most certainly not a happy John Daly and he took to Twitter to let AA know exactly how he feels about its incompetence.

No doubt quaking in its boots, the Airlines promptly followed John Daly on Twitter, perhaps hoping that increasing his social media cred would soothe the sting a little. Unfortunately, that ploy only earned AA more derision from the irate golfer.

Now that prompted an actual response.

I mean, how can you say no to this face?

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