Phil Mickelson’s attempt at a superhuman feat from five years ago

Sharon Wong

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The best example of Phil Mickelson’s deadly accuracy with a wedge happened at the 2011 Farmers Insurance Open. Instead of aiming for attainable goals like the rest of us mere mortals, he decided to give credence to an impossible claim he made, “When I get a wedge shot from 72 yards, I usually fly it within a yard 95 percent of the time.” Really? As you’ll see for yourself, his grandiose boast is not terribly far off the mark.

He chose quite a time to make good on it too. He had made a bad lie on the par-5 hole when trying to tie with Bubba Watson on the final hole of regulation. But he wasn’t going to let little things like that cramp his style. After surveying the green, he had his caddie Jim “Bones” Mackay tend the flagstick a full 70 yards out. He didn’t quite pull the shot as hoped, but he did get the ball to land a foot left from the hole. And well, that’s more than good enough for the fanclub.