The Cool Stuff Everyone Is Talking About At The 2016 PGA Show

  • The 2016 PGA Show is this week in Florida
  • Vendors are introducing new products for the new year

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The PGA Show is when all of the golf retailers get together and present all of their new products for the year. 2016 is looking like a great year in golf, at least from the looks of all the fun gadgets and booths!

Biion Footwear

These awesome junior shoes are definitely a creative way to get kids involved. It’s all about the fashion statement these days and these shoes make a statement, that’s for sure. Where were SpongeBob golf shoes when I was a kid?

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Travis Mathew

This clothing line works with Keegan Bradley and other athletes. They have a very young and fresh vibe, targeting the fun side of golf. They had skiball and pinball at their club-like booth this year. They should have partnered with the Puttskee, if you’re asking me.


Goofin’ off with @loudmouthgolf_hq at the #PGAShow.

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Loudmouth golf was hanging around the PGA Show, showing off their awesome clothing for those golfers that want to stand out. Wearing these pants would probably make you feel a little like John Daly, and hopefully play like him too.

Molimawk Golf

Show off your wild side with these swagged-out golf bags by @molhimawkgolf. #pgashow

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Why not have an awesome new golf bag to go with your awesome new pants! Get your swag on with these decked out golf bags, and let your personality shine on the golf course.

Stewart Golf’s X9

The golf bag that follows you around so you don’t have to push or pull it! Talk about technology on the course. People are finding new ways for people to be lazy, this golf bag is just one of many other gadgets that can hold your clubs for you. Although this one kind of reminds me of a droid, the way it follows you around like that.


The Golf Board

Lights. Cameras. Action. #SurfTheEarth #GolfBoard #2016PGAShow

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The Golf Board had their own booth and their own demo show at this years PGA Show. Another fun way to get around the course, and another way for golfers to be lazy. It’s super cool though so I wouldn’t mind being lazy on a Golf Board, rather than in a golf cart. This way you’re riding around on your own and you can go straight to your ball, not worrying about the passenger if you were in a golf cart. It’s all about pace of play these days, so this is a unique and millennial way to do that for the average golfer.

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This company made sunglasses that can clip onto your bag without taking up any space and then pop right out into wearable gear. See the demonstration in the video above. Pretty neat stuff!

Companies like Srixon, Callaway, Wilson-Staff, and Titleist, are all at the show, debuting clubs and equipment. Everyone is bringing out their top products, trying to let everyone know that theirs is the best.

Then there’s this:

Get an exclusive look at the FUTURE of golf from KLVN at booth 2313! #PGAShow #ChooseKLVN

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