Watch: Guy Ditches His Tee And Uses Disgusting Alternative

Have you ever been on the course and run out of tees? It’s actually the worst.

You have to ask your partner for one, or if you’re golfing by yourself, search the tee-box for leftovers. Sometimes you find some good nubs, but if you have to use your driver, you can’t just settle for any tee. Most people have specific lengths they like to use, I know I like mine extra long (get your head out of the gutter), and I won’t settle for any average tee.

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Well this guy must have run out of tees because he┬ácame up with an alternative for settling.. he used his mouth instead. He puts the ball inside his mouth, spits it out, and hits the ball. Granted he hits the ball pretty well, but damn, how many holes has that ball been in before he put it in his mouth? (gutter alert) But seriously! So unsanitary, even if it was just for this shot, i’m sure he didn’t wipe the ball down with clorox first.

No tee… No worries for @270mo!! ???????? #golfgods #golftricks #golftrickshot #golf #tricks

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Maybe the guy got the idea from the clown scene in Happy Gilmore. The clown spits out Happy’s ball, although the result is a bit different..