Jordan Spieth plans to be a bit of a homebody for now

Sharon Wong


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Jordan Spieth’s hopes at the Singapore Open were dashed after a errant thunderstorm rained on his parade. But admittedly, it’s quite unlike the implacable Spieth to be flustered by something like the weather. It seems that he was competing in a compromised state, thanks to his unreal travel schedule the weeks prior to the tournament. For the past two months, he’s been playing in South Korea, China, Australia, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. After all that, you can forgive the World’s Number 1 golfer for not quite being… up to par.

“It’s been a wild schedule. And what I’ve learned is that I won’t bounce back and forth from the States over here as often as I did. It’s just tough.”

Ditto to that, Jordan. The incessant journeying should put him in good stead for the upcoming Ryder Cup and the Olympics, but for now, his primary focus is rest. Not that he’s going to stop playing altogether, but he does intend to remain within a single timezone all the while.

“I’ll get enough rest. I’m going to familiar places where I don’t have to play 36 [or] 54 holes prior to playing these events. Then I’ll have a bigger break in the middle of the season to get ready to really have my game once these compressed majors and the Olympics and the playoffs and the Ryder Cup are all there. It’ll almost feel like it’s a new season to me. We’re doing a good job of trying to separate a part of the season to make it almost, kind of, two halves versus a complete continuation of the rest.”