An Irish golfer you’ve never heard of is ranked ahead of Tiger Woods

Sharon Wong

Source: Asian Tour via Getty Images

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Niall Turner is not a name that will have you sitting up and taking notice. Or at least, not yet. As a 32-year old, he’s not exactly a cocky young upstart bursting onto the scene to kick ass and take names, but his long time away from the course due to injuries might have you mistaking him for a fresh rookie. However, you might just have a reason to pay attention to him now. According to the Irish Times golf correspondent Philip Reid, he and fellow Irishman Philip Dunne have surged ahead of both Tiger Woods and Edouardo Molinari in the rankings.

Paul Dunne’s a much more familiar face after making his way to the top of the Open leaderboard and getting a PGA Tour invite. But Turner, who is now ranked at 410, has been making up for lost time after three separate injuries and is making his way steadily up the Asian Tour.



It’s interesting that even as the 436th best golfer, Tiger Woods is still a benchmark for legitimacy.