Rare Big Cat Sighting On Arizona Golf Course Makes Fans Go Crazy

  • Golfers enjoying the crowd at Phoenix Open
  • One golfer sports a Panthers jersey, making the fans go crazy

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.33.57 PM

Professional golfers are not used to having huge crowds egg them on while they’re playing tournaments. The Phoenix open has on average 500,000 attendees, where most tournaments have half that showing, and are definitely not as loud.

Many of the pros are taking the opportunity to play with the crowd, get them pumped up, feed off their energy, or just plain f**k around with them. Harold Varner did exactly that when he put on a Panthers jersey at an Arizona golf course. The crowd went wild with boos, the wounds still fresh from the massacre where the Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals out of the Super Bowl 50 this year.

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While this may not be an actual big cat sighting, it definitely got a reaction out of the crowd. Rickie was playing off of the fans as well, as you can see in this video of him literally asking the crowd to get lowder.

The atmosphere from this tournament is something that every tour should emulate. We definitely need more of this in golf.