Golf Tournament Breaks Record; Surpasses Even The Super Bowl!

The Phoenix Open, or The People’s Major, has broken the record for most attended golf tournament ever!

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Over 200,000 people attended the tournament Saturday, flying past even the Super Bowl with attendees. The most people that ever actually went to the Super Bowl was just over 100,000!! That means 100,000+ people would rather attend this one golf tournament than the Super Bowl! That’s amazing!!

What could be bringing the people to this tournament? The atmosphere! The Waste Management Open in Phoenix, Arizona, is the most unique tournament associated with the PGA. It encourages people to get rowdy, root for their favorite golfer, and party right along with them. The crowd loves it, feeds off of it, and so do the professional golfers! Players live for their fans, no matter what the sport is!

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This should be a clear sign to whoever is in charge that this is what golf needs. It needs excitement, participation, and encouragement. These older guys in the big offices need to embrace the younger generations and not be afraid of change. Change is good, and as you can see, the numbers don’t lie.

Football, one of the biggest franchises in sports, was surpassed by a golf tournament. Give the people what they want. If you build it, they will come..