Jordan Spieth may just have changed the way every pro golfer putts forever

Sharon Wong


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Back in 1989, most pro golfers would have felt very lucky to make a 50-50 putt of six feet. But in these recent times, it’s become typical to aim for a putt of just under 8 feet. The 25-footer has also become less of a game of chance and more of a legitimate winning stroke. Usually, there is never just one game changer, but a bevy of them who decide that the limitations of their forefathers should be no obstacle to them. But in this instance, it does so happen that you can trace this putting revolution to a single outstanding individual. And who else could this individual be but Jordan Spieth?

Jack Nicklaus has called him a Jack-Of-All-Trades before, but perhaps that’s not giving him enough credit. After all, Spieth’s quite a whiz with a putter in hand. Last year, from 20 to 25 feet, he made 26 percent, which is more than double the tour average.

With stats like that, it’s really no wonder that everyone else on the PGA Tour is scrambling to get a piece of that putting action.

“Jordan definitely had a different mindset,” said Brandt Snedeker, the second best putter on the PGA Tour, “He looks like a 15-footer like it’s a five-footer. He’s thinking, if I hit a good putt, this is in. I’ve never been able to get to that point with putts over 10 feet. I just put limitations on my expectations. But obviously, we shouldn’t; we’re just getting in our way. The other players are paying attention to what Jordan is doing, and it’s bringing down some mental barriers. The new big idea on the greens will be to think like Jordan.”

Well, it’s hard to say if anyone else possesses Jordan Spieth’s magic touch with a putter, but let’s just say that golf will be a much more exciting game for their trying.