A Group Of Caddies Just Tried To Sue The PGA TOUR

  • The lawsuit was originally filed by 80 caddies but that number grew to 168.
  • They claim the PGA TOUR treat them like ‘human billboards’.

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Caddies have just lost their class-action against the PGA TOUR after claiming they have been treated like ‘human billboards’. The bagmen have a gripe about wearing the tournament sponsor’s logo on their bib and they want compensation for their role as an advertising agent.

Unfortunately for them the U.S. District Court Judge, Vince Chhabria, didn’t see it that way; “The caddies’ overall complaint about poor treatment by the Tour has merit, but this federal lawsuit about bibs does not.”

“Caddies have been required to wear the bibs for decades,” he continued. “So caddies know when they enter the profession, that wearing a bib during tournaments is part of the job. . . . for that reason, there is no merit to the caddies’ contention that contracts somehow prevent the Tour from requiring them to wear bibs.”

Golf Digest reported on a story last year – the day the lawsuit was filed – commenting on the PGA TOUR’s policy of not allowing caddies into the clubhouse, even in the case of a severe thunderstorm.

In my opinion caddies do a sterling job. It’s easy to talk about the vast sums of money some of them make, but they are regularly on the receiving end of PGA TOUR initiated shafting. It’s stories you hear, like the one about a caddie having to pass out from heat exhaustion before the TOUR would let them wear shorts, that tells you they’re not the villain.

Yes a lot of caddies make a good wage, but the vast majority find it difficult to earn consistent income if their man is struggling. It was a pernickety lawsuit but they don’t have much choice if they want to get the culture to change.