WATCH: Bubba Watson Gives Hilariously Awkward Interview

  • Bubba Watson was asked 21 questions during the Waste Management Phoenix Open.
  • The player did not receive a warm reception after comments that he didn’t want to play.

Bubba watson interview

In the UK people would say Bubba Watson is bit like Marmite –  a spread made from yeast extract notorious for dividing opinion – “you either love it or hate it”.

Bubba gave this interview and let his divisive sense of humour rear its ugly head. I thought the Q&A session was hilarious but missed the mark a few times. The guy’s job is to ask as many questions as he can, so the “you really didn’t care about my answer did you?” comment was a little uncomfortable.

What follows is an interview that loses any semblance of sincerity. Bubba, smelling blood, starts to unwind a series of comedic haymakers on the slightly hapless interviewer. The comment “We’re just going to cut this” couldn’t have come sooner as the viewer tries to decide if this was lighthearted, slightly mean-spirited, or a combination of both.

Who came out best?

Bubba Watson

The Interviewer