Jordan Spieth Made A Shocking Announcement That Will Surprise You

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Country star Jake Owen, recounted a time when he played golf with Jordan Spieth at his charity event in Cypress Point. He was not shy about telling the world about how Spieth lost a bet during the round, but he also recalls the world no. 1 being well, world no. 1.

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The two are very good friends, but even when you’re friends with someone, you can still be in awe of their raw talent. Spieth apparently had a shot from 93 yards out and before he even hit the ball he announced he was going to get it in the hole. He got up, hit the shot, and asked for Owen to pay up, not even watching his ball go into the hole. You win some you lose some..


This behavior seems uncharacteristic of Spieth, not being the kind of person to outwardly show off his talent. When you’re comfortable with who you’re playing with I guess that changes. All friends put bets on their golf games, but when you’re a famous country star and the number one golfer in the world, the bets get a bit trickier.

Hopefully this confidence Jordan showed at Cypress Point will be showcased at Pebble Beach this week!