Tiger Woods will help US Ryder Cup team with a weakness it never knew it had

Sharon Wong

Tiger Phil
Source: Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America

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He may not be playing anymore, but Tiger Woods is most definitely back in golf. As the confirmed vice captain of the US Ryder Cup team this year, Tiger is going to be very heavily involved in getting the team together in preparation for the tournament and we mean that in the most literal sense possible. The American team generally performs more poorly than the European one and its captains have often been hard-pressed to find out why that is. However, they seem to have stumbled upon the antidote this year. Aside from being lesser players than the Europeans, the Americans have always been far too individualistic to perform well in a team and that has been their Achilles heel all the time.


As this year’s captains, Tiger and Davis Love III are working hard to build a sense of camaraderie amongst the teammates. Love III revealed, “Tiger and some of the guys were talking about, maybe we need to go somewhere away from golf and go fishing and hang out and just have some fun and talk about it. Team building. Like any good company or good team does. Take a group of guys and maybe take a group of caddies, go do the same thing. But just little things like that.”

“We want it to be fun and friendly and relaxed when we get there. So if we get the business all out of the way, the preparation, the guys know how to prepare for golf tournaments. We just want them to have the opportunity to prepare and then go have fun.”

It’s certainly the most pleasurable training routine we’ve ever heard of. But Love III and Woods are adamant that it isn’t just for fun and games. All of this light-hearted diversion has a very pragmatic core.

“I think if we all get to know each other a little bit better in March and April and May, rather than waiting until August and September, we’re going to be better off,” Love explained.

To start the year off right, he’s already planned numerous dinners for the teammates for the next few months. We wonder if Tiger Woods will be cracking some jokes off camera.