Embarrassing: This Is What Happens When You Lose A Bet On The Golf Course

I’m sure you have all been there before. It’s not fun losing a round of golf when you’re playing with your friends.

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You and your buddies are on the course and before you start the round you go over the ground rules. Everyone has their own set of rules, and some even switch it up each round, but either way you don’t want to lose when playing with friends. You always make the worst rules when you’re with the people you feel most comfortable with.

That’s exactly what has happened here. This guy lost the round, and therefore had to abide by the rules discussed before the first tee-off. I’m sure that conversation wen’t something like this, “whoever loses has to strip down for the 18th hole, while playing ‘Strip It Down’ by Luke Bryan.” This is even more embarrassing than you think┬ábecause the 18th hole is the prime location for everyone and anyone to see you. Thankfully they let him keep his boxers on. You won’t be able to look away, and I’m sure the other people on the course that day felt the same way.