Bill Murray’s shocking fit of rage at Pebble Beach ended badly for these fans

Sharon Wong

Sleeping beast
In a deceptively calm state. Source: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images North America

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We still don’t know whether this is justified. On the one hand, we’re pretty sure damage property is a felony. But on the other, obnoxious strangers flashing their phone cameras in our face would inspire criminal behavior in us too. So we don’t totally blame Bill Murray for snapping and tossing some fans’ cellphones off a rooftop bar at Pebble Beach, as the story goes

Apparently, Murray was relaxing at the Vesuvio Lounge when he was accosted by the starstruck group. He was set off by the bright flashes and proceeded to deal out some hardcore vandalism. When the cops arrived at the scene, he had already left the premises. Certainly, this behavior seems uncharacteristic for Murray, who seems like a pretty mellow guy in general. You could attribute it to him being a little inebriated, but according to bar owner Scott Rose, he hadn’t had a drop of alcohol in his system at the time.

This temper tantrum makes us go back and question everything Bill Murray has ever done. Was he really celebrating when he threw that club into the water or was he unleashing the first signs of a storm that has long been brewing? Whatever it was, we can’t deny that Bill Murray’s a captivating character whether he’s a goodie and baddie and we eagerly await the next time he, ahem, throws us for a loop.