Find Out Why Phil Mickelson Is Still Smiling After Devastating Loss


Although Phil Mickelson may have lost at Pebble Beach this week, he won at the game of golf.

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Phil was playing immaculately the entire week, making birdie after birdie, playing shots that we can only dream about. But in the end it comes down to one or two shots that make you lose it all. It is quite heartbreaking but it will only make Phil push harder to win, like he explains in this interview:

“The positive is that I’m having more fun playing golf right now than I’ve had in years,” Mickelson said.

“I’ve got control of the golf ball. I’m hitting a variety of shots and pulling them off with ease, and I’m just having a lot of fun.”

Here you can see Phil relaxing when he had the lead. Definitely having fun and letting loose on the golf course. Attitude is one of the most important aspects of golf.

“As nervous as I was and as disappointed as I am that I didn’t win, this was so much fun for me to get back in the thick of it and feel the pressure. … But it just tells me I’ve got a little bit more work to do.”

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Once you have a positive attitude about your game, nothing can stop you. This second place streak won’t last long for Phil because he believes in himself. He is proof that you are stronger than your losses, and that you are your only obstacle in this crazy game.

These are some of the amazing shots Phil pulled off this week. 

That flop shot is so amazing, it makes me want to cry.