Bafflingly, this Boston Red Sox player managed to drive a golf cart into a lake

Sharon Wong

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We couldn’t begin to tell you how this happened and the Boston Red Sox player responsible is keeping mum about details. Somehow, when outfielder Mookie Betts took to the golf course, catastrophe ensued and this golf cart met a horror movie ending in a nearby lake. Check it out as it floats almost corpse-like on just beneath the surface of the muddy water.

Luckily, no actual corpses resulted in the making of this accident. Mookie’s teammate Travis Shaw confirmed that the golf cart was the only casualty.

However, if you were hoping for any sort of clarity from Shaw, don’t hold your breath. As you can see from that hashtag, he doesn’t have much more of a clue than you do and we think he was actually there. Perhaps, it was one of those unbelievable occurrences that convince eyewitnesses they must have dreamt the whole thing.

It seems baseball players are as bad at golf as golfers are at baseball. Kind of evens it out, doesn’t it?