Lindsey Vonn And Caroline Wosniaki Strip Off For Sports Illustrated Shoot

  • Caroline Wozniacki and Lindsey Vonn have taken part in the famous Sports illustrated bikini shoot.

Why should you care? Firstly, the photography and artistry is actually pretty cool and it brings some style to what is usually a classless gawking session designed for the slightly pervy amongst us, myself not excluded.

I had initially photoshopped a picture of Tiger and Rory looking forlorn as Vonn and Wozniaki lie on the beach in all their bikini glory, it was my attempt to persuade even the most prudish newsfeed scroller to come and have a peak, but I deleted it, know why? It had nothing to do with the prospect of Sports Illustrated losing their shit about a defaced photo of their’s, ok maybe a little, but It was more because I had a road to Damascus moment.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 14.59.32
Golf’s history with bodypaint isn’t brilliant.

Wozniacki and Vonn, each phenomenal athletes, are so often discussed in light of their now distant relationships with Tiger and Rory. This photo-shoot not only reaffirmed their natural and comfortable sexiness, it helped rebalance the ridiculous association some people still make with their golfing ex-partners.

This article rather ironically highlights the problem, but it wants to wish them both well as they stamp some authority on a photo-shoot that Rory and Tiger will probably have a glance at – who knows, maybe Rory will send her a message, he’s good at that.